Ravinder Tulsiani: Human Resources – 2018-01-18 Update #1

Ravinder Tulsiani: Human Resources – 2018-01-18 Update #1

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I will never understand the mentality of people who do the bare minimum at their job but work harder to make it look like they work hard.

I have a supervisor between me and the manager I actually listen to, and this supervisor always seems to be awol until management comes around. Then he’ll be seen doing some minor physical work that our jobs require, or appear to give me a “command” just as upper management comes around the corner, only to disappear right after.

At this point it seems to be backfiring on him, though – since I started (and I work hard), his behaviour is getting noticed in comparison and his shoddy work is being seen.

But just the mentality of being a kind of illusionist instead of, you know, just doing your job well, is interesting to me.

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