The Temp, the Intern, and the Unchained Heart

The Temp, the Intern, and the Unchained Heart

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Sometimes you can be set in your ways and the unexpected comes your way. For many the year 2017 rocked many peoples worlds, Many of friends have lost jobs, gone through horrible break ups, friends seeing more sin in their hearts, and friends committing shady acts and having to reconcile. For me I was seeking unhealthy relationship to fill a deep void that I didn’t even know existed. Rather than opening up to my church community or close friends, I sought temporary pleasures to numb the pain (which we know never works christian or otherwise) but still choose to seek after. After coming out of this toxic season of life and getting my life back on track. I found myself in a hardened jaded state of mind of not wanting to mess with anyone. My view on romantic relationships its all a fluke and that nobody in the 20th century can maintain a perfect healthy relationship. And if your a christian, keeping God the center of it. In one way that is true, because we are all wicked, selfish, sinners and loose sight on whats important. A friend of mine that went through a horrible divorce, we had a funny joke between us called we ain’t messing with “NO NEW NIGGAS!!!” A little raw and abrupt but its the real truth of how we felt. I think anyone Christian or otherwise can relate to feeling like they can’t trust anyone with their heart after having it broken in one way or another. You become hardened and cynical and could potentially miss out or prolong something good that may or may be around the corner. 

Now that you have the context and background more or less your ready for the story. I started contract job, for those that don’t know what contract work is basically when you work for a company and have a set contract that can be ended, extended, and or renewed by either the company and or the employee. I was a few days into my new job and the boss grand daughter who was from Texas was starting a month long internship. Her first day she sat in the lunch room with me and we instantly clicked and became friends. Since then it was the Temp and the Intern against the world. Right away I could tell their was chemistry there but my exact thoughts were oh Hell NO LORD IM NOT THE ONE!!! For years all I could focus on was finding “The one” now that I’m finally okay being by myself you want to potentially set me up with someone from Texas?? Little did I know what was in store for me at the time. There was a reason this sweet girl was put in my life for such a short time and it wasn’t to start a relationship at least right now. Unaware of this she was Unchained my Heart and allowed me to feel again. Not so much have feelings for her but her kind words and strong faith melted my heart and reminded me of the ultimate gift giver. The God of the universe who grants us faith to believe in him or causes to hop even in a fallen and broken world. At the end of four weeks I went from swearing up and down that I’d never love again or intrust my heart with anyone ever again, to someone who remembered that there is one person I can intrust my heart too. Someone who loved and sought me before time began. This didn’t mean I wouldn’t be let down or hurt ever again. In fact I’m expecting the opposite.. but I know that my God will be by my side carrying me when I feel i can’t continue on. Besides that isn’t that when we learn the most about ourselves when we go through extremely difficult times? So I’m going into 2018 with a renewed spirit and renewed perspective… anything can happen at a moments notice it can be unexpected.. but most of the time aren’t the things in life that are worth while usually are??


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