Creative Methods of Recruitment to Hire the Best Talent

Creative Methods of Recruitment to Hire the Best Talent

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Putting up posts
online for vacancies have become a common scenario. There is absolutely nothing
that sets your company apart from another when you follow the same methods of
recruitment. One way to attract the best candidates to apply within your
company is to try out creative methods of hiring. Here are a few methods that
you can use:

The use of Social Media Platforms

Social media is
more than just a means to stay in touch with acquaintances. Recruiters have
gone a step ahead and managed to make social media the next best thing in the
field of recruiting. From Snapchat to Tinder, almost every platform has, at
some point of time, been used a recruiting platform by creative recruiters and
companies. With talent management
in place, scouting the right candidates from among hordes of users
can become easier.

Creative Assignments Related to the Vacant Position

One way of
recruiting right is testing the skills of the candidates through creative assignments.
Companies like Google, for example, used a puzzle on a hoarding to land the
best engineers onto a website they made where they announced a few more sets of
puzzles acting as recruitment hurdles. You can try recruiting for your company
taking a cue from these organisations and being creative with assignments you
hand out to potential candidates.

Make your own Recruitment Video

Online ads and
passing out pamphlets? That’s all a thing of the past when you can just make
your own funky video declaring the vacancy and giving out related details. And
whoever said you need to stay boring in the video you create? Make it as
vibrant as you like with as many quirky aspects as you deem worthy. Go crazy so
you can find the right amount of crazy in the prospective candidate too. Since
you would all need to work together, add everything your company stands for and
seeks within the video, whether it is creativity, sense of humour and wit, or
anything at all. You are sure to come across candidates who think more like you
and can settle in the gap that your company is currently looking to fill.

Get your prospective candidates to make a video

If you can make
a video to attract the right candidates, why can’t the candidates make one to
impress you? Keeping in mind the job vacancy and the role that the candidates
would have to fill, you can test the creativity of said candidates by asking
them to create a video of their own that revolves around the task they would
eventually have to do once they join on-board. You can also check how far the
candidates can go to get placed in your company by asking them to make a video
wherein they tell you why they are the best choice for the vacant position in
your company. This can be a way to shortlist those who are more creative in their

Using the best recruitment metrics, you can
figure out how well your hiring process is proceeding through these creative

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